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About Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST)
   Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) has a long history of schooling, is an comprehensive university mainly focusing on engineering with an integration of science and technology, combined with management, economics, literature, law, education, philosophy, medicine, and many other multi-disciplines. Being a well-known University in China, it is the key university with the largest scale in Yunnan Province and has a wide range of category in education domains, including BSc, MSc, PhD and post-doctoral programs empowered by its research station, ranked top 100 among more than 1,600 universities in China. It is assessed as the “Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching School” by the Chinese Ministry of Education, as well as being the the sole owner of Academician in the Yunnan Province. KUST is also qualified to the acceptance of the Chinese Government Scholarship students.
   Chenggong, Lotus, and XinYing campus are all located within the Spring-city of Kunming, with a total area of 4300 acres; the new Chenggong campus of the Uiniversity, is located in Chenggong University Town of Kunming, covers an area of more than 3200 acres. The University has 15 national and provincial engineering research centers, laboratories and libraries with a foreign language collection of more than 270 million copies. It is pro-actively participates in international cooperation and communications, to establish a long-term stable partnership with more than 30 countries and nearly 70 well-known universities and international institutions worldwide.
   KUST is fully equipped with complete research and state-of-the-art teaching facilities, has the outstanding teaching staff and management team of more than 3800 employees. In order to offer a better service for students, the University has established School of International Education (SIE) which is responsible for the international students in the fields of enrolling, management, and service and teaching. Considering the cultural diversity, the academy carefully adopts the related courses, after-class tutoring and offers a "study partner" to help students overcome their difficulties in the study life.
   KUST of nearly 100 BSc programs and 200 master students warmly welcome students from around the world attend. International students with excellent academic records may apply for a “Chinese Government Special Scholarship”, for those who, from the Great Mekong Subregion may as well apply through “Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship”; KUST has also set up a special “Overseas Student Scholarship” to encourage overseas students to attend.
   The University focus on international cooperation and communications, and has set up a long-stable and friendly relation with more than 60 universities and research institutions in 30 countries of the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom etc. It gradually formed its own influence in the fields of personnel engineering and management training for the neighboring countries, international-technology conversion and the high-level cooperation in developed countries-oriented research areas. Approved by the Ministry of China Han, Confucius Institute is established in Sweden and the foreign schools are also running abroad in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam. As a representation of Chinese Uiniversity, KUST plays a positive role in the regional cooperation mechanisms of China-ASEAN, Asia-Europe, sub-regional area of Great Mekong and other important international areas.
   KUST of 6 million students are expecting you to be a member of our family, the beautiful Spring City of Kunming, China, to share the different culture in nations, to establish a friendship for the long journey of life.