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SIE Overview
School of International Education (SIE)is in charge of international student affairs and education. Our key roles cover: foreign affairs, student rolls, tuition fee, scholarship and accommodation. We also provide services in student recruitment, medical insurance, student activities and culture tour. SIE undertakes undergraduate education for Chinese International Education and International Communication Transportation. Meanwhile, SIE offers opportunities for student overseas exchange program.
The School has seven departments:General Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, CYL Committee Office, Overseas Exchange Office, International Admissions Office, Academic Administration Office and Teaching Department. There are 40 faculties in SIE including 16 professors, associate professors and doctors. 2/3 of them have experience of studying and working aboard.
We are responsible for: 1) International student management; 2) Application of CSC Scholarship and Yunnan Government Scholarship; 3) International student service; 4) Management of SIE overseas education and Confucius Institute; 5) Promotion and management of co-operation with overseas universities; 6) Chinese language and culture education programs. 7) Undergraduate course for International Education. 8) Education for International Class of KMUST.
The school provides a wide range of supporting service for University internationalization. So far, SIE has been an information center for both international and home students. It has also earned good reputation for its systematic large-scaled teaching and research system with proper teaching facilities, normative education management, good studying environment and excellent teaching quality.